Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finished, finito, 끝, whatever you want to call it

I am done~~~~!!!!!

Yeah, I didn't get to party but oh well, ended up rapping to a few songs by eminem at the karaoke bar..

Haha, yeah, I guess Uni does change a few people...I know I've changed a lot, but not sure if it's all for good or not but who cares!!!!


Ah you poor poor people who still have exams tsk tsk...hehe

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

D - 0.5


Only 20.5 hours until health science is OVER!!!!

Partying, clubs, drinking (maybe), ain't gonna sleep tomoro :p

Boo yah!!! Bye bye~ 2007!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice MV

Came across this while surfing youtube...Not half bad.

Check it out. Don't know how to make it play on my blog so just follow the link

Friday, October 19, 2007

One down..

One exam down, not too bad, but not exactly confident either, pretty sure I got a B, so I


Only 2 to go...

Biochem is going to be a bitch but Epi...Oh that epi...

Gun. Give. Now. Loaded!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Cracks, run through everything in our lives.

Unseen, they lie dormant until one day, with enough stress they fall away...

My heart is rend by the hastily done stitching... Sudden rips open up, crumbling away, like a sand dune in the wind...

I thought I could help others with their mending. I thought mine had already mended.

2 steps forward, 3 steps backward...

When will the dice roll favour my wants?

When will it become whole again?


As the title indicates, EARTHQUAKE!!!!


I was like, wtf, why am I getting a rocking feeling like I'm in a shi- EARTHQUAKE!!!!

But man, oh man are they fun :D

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Every doorway represents some new path.

And every doorway I force open is blocked.

I can even make them block themself by looking at them.

It is amazing how they stack those bricks so fast...

And every time its in the same pattern...

Show me a doorway which can stay open...

Show me a doorway that I can open up...

For it cannot be forced, only allowed to let pass...

Show me an open doorway...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I think I live in a big big maze...

Since every road I take seems to be blocked or misleading in some way.

Each time that I think is a new and exciting road, it always ends up at a dead end...

I have no hammer to go through the walls.

I have no wings to fly over the walls...

How long am I supposed to wander these hollow paths?

Only time will tell...

Friday, October 5, 2007

ARRRGGHHH!!!! interview!!!

Offer for interview came out!!
One side of me is loving it but...the other side is going FUCKING NUTS...

So worried :( I've got reasonable answers but...Its going to be the most agonizing 20minutes of my life...

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Wake up at 7:10am.
Go down for breakfast for 10min, come up, wash up, head to lecture by 7:45am.
Sit in lecture theatre for 2 hours absorbing info like a sponge taking notes so fast my hand aches by the end.
Get home by 10:05am at the latest.
Get dressed for gym and leave house by 10:15am
Arrive at gym at 10:20am and work out with weights until 11:00am
Hire out a basketball and practise.
Finish gym by noon.
Arrive home by 12:15pm and have a shower for no more than 15min max.
Go down for lunch at 12:30pm
Finish lunch by 1:30pm
Go upstairs and do pre-reading, note copying until 2pm
Take 3 hour nap til 5pm.
Go down for dinner at 5pm.
Finish by 6pm or 5:30pm
Depending on what day it is, go to labs at 6pm or in-hall tutorials at 7pm.
Study notes until 12am.
Check Blackboard for new stuff and socialise a bit and also mix in some more studying until 4am.
Go to bed at 4am.

Rinse and repeat.
I am going to die.