Monday, April 28, 2008

Something out of the ordinary

I saw someone die today :D

Isn't my life great? Thank goodness it wasn't anybody I knew but still...

Some old lady got hit by a car and I walked near the blood-spattered road.

I feel so psychotic right now I nearly strangled my friend :) aren't I nice??

We're all so fragile...Let me prove it. Come on~


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


"God only knows our places out there
But I love this life that I'm living in
I won't look back to regret yesterday
'Cos when I'm handed tomorrow so I'll live for today"

How many people believe this??

Sometimes, when we look back on our lives, it seems as if everything has just clicked into place, and even unfortunate events or strange occurences somehow fit like a big jigsaw.

Every choice we have ever made, every little event that lead on to the next chapter...

My friend had just told me he and his family once went to Saipan for a holiday and at the airport just about to go to Saipan, they had changed their mind to Saipan from Guam, which was their original destination. That exact plane that went to Guam crash landed in a mountain killing 126 people.

Certain weird decisions, impulses and bad series of events may not be so bad after all in the long run if we look at it in perspective. As the good old saying goes "Only time will tell" may refer to the religious sense, in that God orchestrates everything and that we should simply live out our lives without regret or anything that makes us afraid to wake up the next morning.

Just mull over that a little bit as we all slip into quiet nostalgia...