Saturday, March 22, 2008


Is this all you have??

Is this all you can do?

You went to all this trouble to concoct up this...this undescribable trash?

You complain as if you have all this wrong done to you, but when you step up to the plate, you avoid it like the plague??

This world does not cater for the lazy.

This world does not care about you.

You expect the world to just give up all its hard earned treasure because of what? Because of your presence?

Your arrogance amuses me.

Your total lack of understanding makes me believe that you are not a human being.

And yet you still think you are something important in this place?

Let me tell you something once and for all.

This world does not care.

It will still go round without you.

You are nothing.

You will be forgotten in less than a week.

What have you done for the world to make it remember your name? Let alone your existence?

Take a look around you.

What difference do you make?

Your undignified and pathetic being may find it slightly difficult to comprehend the true answer to the question.

However, you must endeavour to understand at least a part of its meaning.

The answer is