Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Test prep...

Yikes, another test upcoming this saturday...

Only worth 5% of your marks you say? I only realised the value of just one percent 3 times last semester...

The difference between a B and B+, B- and a B, and A+ and an A....

Still haven't started yet :p I really should...

Hell I got better things to do than writing this blog.

I've only lately realised how precious time is and how fast it goes after thinking about it during studying...The time writing this blog can never be "refunded" so to speak. It only passes and thats that. No buts, no excuses, it's gone.

And I think of what I've done in the past, how I've spent my time during my short, 18 and a half years of life...and there isn't really much.

The thought of this world not being able to be changed because I am only a single person in the myriad of billions, the ability to change just another person's life/time is a great power.

Think of how in a moment of need, someone helped you out. In a moment of desperate need, that someone was there. This past even may have worked out dandy and we just use it as a fun story to tell at a party or other gathering...

But if that person was not there for help...what would have happened? The amount of distress with that slightly troubling. Especially if someone close, a friend, family's life was at risk. Had this person not been there, our lives would have been that much worse, that much more harder to bear...

I believe we all live to change somebody's bad situation for a good thing one day, somewhere... Imagine how grateful that person would feel, for the existence of's a nice thought.

That somewhere, out there, is a person, that lives just to complement

Now thats a good feeling :D

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Korean Ball Photos

Updated to my Bebo, check it out!!

Haha not that many of me, seeing as I was taking the photos, and my friend used my 3G (the lens that is good for self camera shots) funcion to take INSANE amounts of photos of herself...

:p bleh

Friday, September 21, 2007

Korean Ball

Just came back from Korean ball and man it was fun!!

I know I can't dance for shit but who cares?? Its the jumping up and down stupidly flailing your arms that counts!!

Lol TONS of photos coming soon!!

Hehe I think I took over 50 photos on my phone...And numerous others on other people's camera's :p

P.S. champagne sucks ass

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Got my UMAT scores today...

53% percentile overall with an average mark of 50 raw score.

the funny thing is that so many ppl got around my mark so that a few more correct answers would send my percentile skyrocketing...So stupid. So I think they'll count the raw score this year, seeing as its kinda hard to determine who's better.

But anyways, I think this pretty much tells me that I'm quite suited for the job of a dental health professional :p

Lets hope I do well in the interview :(

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tales of the past...

Wow, watched this awesome movie on

IT is INSANELY well made...

The storyline and the scripts aren't half bad but the fact that they made it on a PvP server with the amount of coordination they needed...WOW.

Go check it out guys at for episode 1 and episode 2 is

There's a 3rd one in the making so I'm excited :D

Oh and Bleach is really heating up!! soooo cool

Sunday, September 16, 2007

*crashing sound*

Weeeeee~~~~ BOOM!!

anyways, here's something i made up

Some people think I'm nuts
Some people think I'm smart
Some people think I'm stupid
But some just think I'm a tart.

I don't really care what you think of me, but you stand there, thinking you're so high up and mighty, with your little supporters out there.

Perhaps I just wasn't made to get along with some people but oh wells

This world is full of people we don't like. Get used to it, because there's a whole lot more people than just ME

Formal Dinners

Ah, the momentous occasion of a formal dinner...

The sights, the sounds and smells of slightly above average food...mmm.

The tantalizing sights of girls in dresses that just make you say "GODDAMN SHE IS FINE", the smells of a great dinner awaiting to enter your belly in the worlds favourite ritual...

Also coming along in this package is the finely dressed young gentlemen, trying their very best to get out of the stupid dining room to catch the Warriors game by any means possible....Thank goodness its not compulsory :p

The thing I'm trying to get here people, is that these are designed to be a fun time?? I think...

But it doesn't always work out. And the fact that there are a surprisingly large number of people doing arts degrees.

Anyway, the salmon had the bones still in it so yeah, not so cool but meh. Enjoyable than your average freaking roast sunday dinner :p

Friday, September 14, 2007



The movie which I have now watched 3 times - twice in the movie theatres and once tonight, by my friend's downloaded version...


So go now, you juveniles, and experience the grand tale, that is the transformers movie, directed by Michael Bay.

Lol funny thing to note, is that when scorponok jumps out of the sand chasing Tyrese, when filming, the director told him "Tyrese, those are real explosives. DO NOT TRIP OVER."

So the fear on his face is real...

Same with where Sam stands on the statue before Megatron destroys the shit out of the building (standing 14 floors up), he had NO safety gear. It took the director 15minutes of convincing him to stand there to film it.

Funny stuff...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Change - we all need it.
Sometimes we want it. And sometimes we don't. It's as simple as that.

However, there is one thing you cannot ignore.


We all live on Earth, the 3rd lump o' rock from our sun.
And guess what people, our lives are GOING to change whether you like it or not.

Systems will change, people will change, technology, design, the sciences, art, EVERYTHING in this world is undergoing change.

If you do not follow with this change and "go with the flow" so to speak, you will be left behind.

And yet, some people will still cling on to their glory days, the days of youth, the old systems that they are used to.

Well big shock you asses, it ain't gonna stay that way whether you like it or not.

This race of mankind is destined to die at some point in time and there's nothing you can do about it.

Lets take an example.
The US of A, the world's current superpower used to be rivalled by the biggest country in the world, Russia, or as formerly known, the Soviet union.
That worked out dandy now didn't it?

With the collapse of the Soviet union, dissident factions such as the Chinese, random-arsed terrorist groups now have a wealth that will suck the colour from your face.
These factions have so much power that they technically have the license to kill without being interrupted by another superpower because that will initiate some sort of conflict which may escalate due to the idiots that tend to get in the top positions. Now, with the turn-around of the century being China and India developing every single aspect of their economic infrastructure, the Americans are beginning to feel the panic.

We are living in changing times and who knows who the next rival will be?

/rant start

Yet my parents still think grades are everything in modern day society. They have not learned that the general populace HATE try-hard asians getting into medicine/dentistry and then not being able to function well because they SUCK at communicating. They hate their jobs because they try so hard at it but fail miserably. Those worthless people put innocent lives at stake and do not deserve the high position that they so "rightfully earned".

/rant over

Some people in this world need to accept change... Or you WILL be left behind.
*activate avenging wrath*

Move on with the times you stupid people!! Do not cling to your ideals and embrace the new world which is where you reside now!!

That goes for every damn lot of you who try and maintain their beliefs which are OUT OF DATE.

Change with the world. Or die

Yarrr Ace combat pics

ZOMG check out tha cool Gripen!!! (the silver ones)
And the ultimate Su-37 Terminator!! (Not in mass production due to Russia being a tightass)

I have a blogzors!!

Haha I have joined the mindless millions of people online with a stupid stupid blog...

I guess my main is Bebo? but the blogging capabilities of that are very limited :p

I shall update this thingy as soon as I figure out how to use it properly